Not Without Angelica Published!

After months of working with an artist and a publisher, my first book, “Not Without Angelica” is in print and available through Amazon!

Angélica is a young girl from a traditional Northern New Mexico Village. She wants to spend all her time with her friends on top of la loma (the hill), but she discovers that she can be just as happy celebrating with her neighbors.  There is a time for everything, but not without Angélica!

The story shows the importance of friends, family, community and tradition. Children who live in traditional villages rarely get to see themselves in books. “Not without Angélica” will reflect their lives, while also educating other children about these communities. All children will relate to Angélica’s desire to keep playing when she’s required to do other things, and they will be inspired by the message about a child’s value in her family and community.

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